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Great game, loved playing this, would recommend to all those heathens out there who want to have interesting conversations at xmas!

Acmtix, Amazon Review

It beats a box of crackers hands down

P. J. Sheldon, Amazon review

Hilarious game. Beware who you appoint as Jesus team leader - even an atheist let it go to her head!

NH, Amazon review

How To Play?

Epic. Fortunately, no-one was harmed in the course of this game. But it was very competitive, possibly due to the alcohol...

A.V. Allen - Amazon Review

I have a strange family. At a family gathering I had a little too much to drink and stupidly offered to have them over for Christmas day. Even if the best trained psychiatrist in the world had seen us playing this game they would of thought we were a picture of a perfectly functioning family. Good fun!

Jo, Amazon review

Fabulous Xmas game for all the family - Despite the name it's not anti-religion or crude. Bought it as a present for Xmas for a 19 year old and the whole family played it from 9 to 65 - and had a barrell of laughs as a family. I recommend this for any party..

Ashley Willford, Amazon review


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